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AL Aluminum is a premier aluminum precision machining company with customers worldwide. Our multiple facilities in China are a one-stop solution for all your aluminum processing needs.

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Profile Processing


Our Aluminum Processing Equipment Capabilities

AL Aluminum has 15 years of aluminum profile manufacturing experience and provides customers with exclusive aluminum profile customization services. The engineer team will customize the manufacturing plan for you to ensure the quality of your products and meet your large-volume aluminum profile orders.
All AL Aluminum factories employ world-class state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision and quality. Our machinery includes stretch forming, die casting equipment, cnc machining, laser cutting, press bending, punching.
With a powerful equipment setup, we are able to produce aluminum and other customized shapes, providing CNC precision machining, bending, drilling, punching, drawing and other processing services.





Aluminum Profile Customization Process

  • Design

Please prepare accurate 2D and 3D drawings or samples of your product. We prefer CAD format and DXF format for 2D, STP format and STEP for 3D. It is best to have 2D drawings with critical dimensions and detailed tolerances.

  • Material Selection
Choose the appropriate aluminum alloy based on your requirements and budget.
Different alloys offer varying levels of strength, corrosion resistance, and other properties.
  • Confirm quantity
Agree on short-term or long-term orders, each order quantity and time interval.
  • Quote
After confirming the drawings and materials with our engineering team, the sales manager will give you a formal quotation and understand the process flow, production time, payment method, and transportation method.
  • Production and confirmation samples
We will make samples according to your needs. After the samples are made, we will send you an express package for your confirmation.
  • Mass production
We carry out mass production based on your confirmed samples, and the production cycle is based on your products and quantity.

Product Sample Display

Product Sample Display

Why choose AL Aluminum as your industrial aluminium profile fabrication partner

  • Reliability: We provide reliable delivery and follow a just-in-time philosophy
  • Service and expertise: Our team of engineers provide unparalleled customer support and industry expertise
  • One-stop customized solution: AL Aluminum can help you create unique answers for your most demanding applications
  • Value: We work with you to provide value-added services such as scrap handling and custom packaging
  • Innovation: We continually invest in top-of-the-line equipment to provide additional functionality


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