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Quality Control

We understand the importance of quality to you. Therefore, we have quality inspection in all stages.

Raw Materials Inspection

 Raw materials inspection is the step one. We have stringent raw material procurement procedures and have been partnering with qualified metal providers. Before loading raw materials into machines, we check its size, strength, hardness, and density, using spectrometer and other equipment as shown below.

In-process quality check

The whole production process is supervised by our technicians. All components are turned/ milled/ stamped at high accuracy. We manufacture according to drawings. Once client clearly mark on the 2D diagrams their tolerance levels and our experienced engineers have evaluated the possibility to achieve, we will manufacture accordingly.  All data is recorded for future reference.  

Final inspection

End products are carefully inspected by our Quality Assurance Team, using advanced equipment below. We do thorough checks on surface, size, shape, weight, structure, etc. We do sampling inspection or full inspection, depending on clients’ needs. We make sure the end products are free from dirt, grease, other debris, burrs, and burr-like features protruding off the surface/edges of the part.

Quality check before shipment

Products are carefully handled when putting into box. We pay full attention to packaging, including custom-made plastic holder, bubble warp, wooden box with shock absorber. This is to prevent any fractures and imperfections caused by collision or crash. 

Quality Inspection Equipment Quantity
Multi-Protractor 50
Micrometer 46
Needle Gauge 1
Bolt Gauge 1
Film Meter 7
Vernier Calipers 7
Height Caliper 1
Rockwell Hardness Tester 8
Digital Dynamometer 8
3D Scanner 6
2-D Automatic Video Measuring Machine 2
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