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This article provides an overview of custom sheet metal fabrication, including the types of services available and the benefits that can be achieved. - Custom sheet metal fabrication is the process of creating precision custom metal parts from various metals, including steel, aluminum, and copper. This fabrication process includes shaping and cutting the metal to suit different industries. Our team of experienced professionals use our large and prepared facilities to work on custom sheet metal parts that are suitable for a variety of clients and industries. Our fabrication services include bending, welding, forming, punching holes in the sheet metals among others. 

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We provide precision fabrication services for both stamped and custom sheet metal parts. Our custom stamping parts are designed to meet customer design specifications and are fabricated with cutting edge technologies. We specialize in detailed custom metal forming services that match our customers' needs for components, assemblies, and parts. Our sheet metal is made to meet the specific requirements of your industry to provide our customers with the highest quality components and assemblies. With our advanced techniques and cutting edge technology, we can fabricate custom stamped metal parts which will precisely match your requirements.   

We are a fabrication company that can combine the best fabrication shop with components to create precision sheet metal parts. Our quality metal parts are created with careful attention to detail and accuracy, while being able to accommodate both low volume prototypes and high production runs. 

We specialize in custom sheet metal parts, with processes including sheet materials, processing of metal sheets and various metals thicknesses for shearing punching, riveting and splicing. We offer the best manufacturing services for products development and fabrications, delivering custom-made parts to customers. With the help of our advanced processing methods, we are able to create a wide variety of shapes from car body panels to intricate designs in a range of sizes.  

sheet metal fabrication

Our many metal fabrication techniques enable us to transform sheet metal into virtually any shape imaginable. We offer custom design and engineering services to meet specific manufacturing challenges, and employ expert metal machinists and engineers to ensure the highest quality manufacturing services. Our custom metal fabrication company employs state-of-the-art CNC machinery and laser cutting machines, allowing us to meet a variety of manufacturing requirements. We have extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing processes, so we are able to offer our customers the best possible solutions for their needs.   

sheet metal fabrication

Metal fabrication shops employ knowledgeable sheet metal manufacturers like Metal Works to identify and use the best fabrication techniques for their various sheet metal products. With specialized equipment, our metal manufacturing team has the ability to create custom parts and structures for a wide range of industries. We employ companies that understand the importance of quality and accuracy in all our products. Our talented team is capable of utilizing various fabrication methods to ensure that your company receives reliable and cost-effective parts. Our metal works also help support local businesses by creating landscape metal parts for parks, gardens, and other public spaces.  

We provide highly experienced professionals to help protect precision components, and machine works needed for any project. High Point Contract offers the highest quality custom sheet metal parts to ensure your project offers the desired performance characteristics you need. We have many high point clients who are seeking custom sheet metal parts, and we work with local partners to find material that suits their needs. This allows us to offer a broader range of services, which include custom sheet metal parts that can protect precision components and machine works.   

sheet metal fabrication

We have metal stamping services and custom fabricated tools that produce precision sheet metal parts. Our custom steel fabrication capabilities enable us to provide quality parts for the world's most specialized industries. Our precision services with tools and products can also provide custom fittings and HVAC duct work. All of these services guarantee superior results. Additionally, ADJ Sheet Metal can provide efficient methods for production to ensure quality parts in a timely manner. By utilizing our expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to meet the needs of our customers in the most efficient way possible. 

We provide experience and quality products for their fabrication projects. Our team of experienced engineers provides our customers with materials and finish selection advice, as well as providing our own fabricators and engineers to assist in the design of finished parts. We also have access to a variety of fabrication equipment, multiple manufacturing partners, skilled tools, and CAD design assistance. Our tech-savvy fabrication team is dedicated to the success of each project, providing the best service possible at competitive rates. We use our years of industry experience to benefit our customers by providing advice that gives them an edge over their competitors.  

Our custom sheet metal parts are fabricated with innovative metal designs that provide the highest quality and perfect weld beads. We offer a comprehensive manufacturing solution and can produce your turnkey products from concept to completion, with no visible die marks. We understand that fabricators need parts delivered on time and we strive to ensure that our customers get the best possible value for their money.   

prototype sheet metal parts

We are experienced in custom sheet metal fabrication, from innovative metal designs to form metal sheet parts. Our contract manufacturing services include finish metal sheet, forming and welding and our designs can turnkey your products from concept to completion. We also offer CNC milling and turning, anodizing, powder coating and assembly/packaging services. We have the expertise needed to produce complex chassis components, brackets or any variety of custom sheet metal parts. With our advanced equipment and dedicated team of engineers we can create a wide range of precision parts for all your needs.  

Our sheet metal products are created with automated equipment, including laser cutting and hand forming. We can process a variety of metals, including cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Additionally we offer expanded metals and welded wire fabrications to create the exact parts you need. Our fabricators are experienced in using the latest processes to ensure quality in every part they create. We specialize in laser cutting of stainless steel and aluminum for precision parts that require tight tolerances. Our team is available to discuss your needs and provide you with a quote for whatever your project requires.  

prototype sheet metal parts

We offer custom sheet metal fabrication services, specializing in stamping, welding, and forming metals. We review each custom order with precision and a keen eye, ensuring that all specifications are met. Our expertise arsenal can fabricate any component you need for your organization. We have the resources to offer deep expertise in all aspects of metal fabrication for stock or custom parts. 

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Our company specializes in the development of OEM customized aluminum profiles, has many advanced aluminum profile production lines, has a variety of professional mechanical equipment, a variety of aluminum product surface treatment processes, ultra-high precision sheet metal production technology, and has obtained a number of honorary certificates and invention patents. We look forward to win-win cooperation with you!


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