Influence of process design on the production of aluminum alloy signs

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The main purpose of aluminum alloy signage process design is to study how to realize the creative ideas of signage designers. It participates in the whole process of signage design and production. If there is no feasible process design, signage designers are like gorgeous silk and satin, although Perfection never shows up. It can be seen that the process design is very important to the production of the marking system.

First of all, in terms of advanced

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It is not very difficult to reflect the advanced nature from aluminum alloy signs. On the one hand, the investment in aluminum alloy signs accounts for a small proportion of the investment in urban construction; on the other hand, it can be achieved by using modern means of making aluminum alloy signs. The advanced nature is built on the basis of practicality and scientificity. Modern urban construction is developing in the direction of an international city, and the aluminum alloy signs that match urban construction should also develop synchronously without lagging behind, and even have a certain degree of forward-looking.

Second, practicality

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Practicality is through the production of technology, which can meet the conditions of actual use. There are many conditions of use, and different types of signs change with the change of use occasions. For outdoor aluminum alloy signs, in the process design, it is necessary to focus on considering the impact of the outdoor environment on the aluminum alloy signs, such as the medium environment, ultraviolet radiation, weather resistance and other factors.


The so-called scientificity is mainly reflected in "adapting measures to things". The application of your technology in a certain field may have a scientific basis and conform to the principle of practicality, but once it is used in the wrong place, the original scientific connotation will be lost. It will disappear completely, not only does not show scientificity, but also exposes the lack of understanding of craftsmanship. Take the "reflective film" traffic aluminum alloy sign mentioned above as an example. When it is used on the highway as a sign of public information, it is very scientific, but not all traffic signs or public information are suitable.

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