There are two kinds of sealing plates on the aluminum profile frame, one is the sealing plate on the workbench or material rack, and the other is the sealing plate on the hood frame of aluminum profile equipment. So how to solve the problem of sealing plate in both cases? Let's give you a detailed introduction.For example, in the case of sealing plate on workbench or material rack, there are two methods: always make a structure with aluminum profile, place the plate in the middle of aluminum profile, and then fix it with bolts and nuts. The other is to seal the plate with an angle support. One section of the right angle support is fixed on the aluminum profile and one end is fixed on the panel.
The density of aluminum alloy sealing plate is very small, and the container is easy to manufacture. It can be used as mobile phone shell and solid-state disk shell. And don't wear and corrosion. The surface of aluminum profile sealing plate is easy to form, and a layer of dense aluminum trioxide film prevents curing.Aluminum sealing plate is a common material in social production. It has a wide range of applications in various industries. Its excellent performance and many advantages are deeply favored in the majority of industries. So what are the benefits of using an aluminum sealing plate ?
Benefits of using aluminum housing sealing plate :
1. Compared with other metal materials, aluminum shell has low density and light weight,and aluminum shell has stable chemical properties, non-magnetic and can be recycled. It is a benign and recyclable metal material.
2. Hot and cold processes are adopted, which has strong corrosion resistance, the aluminum shell has good casting performance and good surface treatment performance.
3. The elastic coefficient is small, and the collision friction can not spark, which performs well in automobile technology,the global aluminum content is very high and rich in reserves.
4. Aluminum shell has no metal pollution and toxicity, and surface oxide layer has no volatile metal ,the aluminum shell has good ductility and can be made of light alloy with many metal elements. The material is high-quality ,the aluminum shell has strong plasticity and good productivity, and has good advantages for production.
The above contents are some benefits of using aluminum sealing plate. Aluminum sealing plate l is a product produced by extrusion of aluminum profiles through metal stamping processing and surface treatment. It has high flexibility and can be cut arbitrarily. Therefore, when making some exquisite products, it also has high processing accuracy. If the tolerance does not meet the requirements, it is difficult to meet the assembly requirements. A little carelessness will lead to the possibility of scrapping the whole product. Therefore, In the production of aluminum sealing plate , the process control shall be in place.
Aluminum alloy sealing plate is a variety of shells made of aluminum alloy, generally including aluminum profile sealing plate and aluminum die-casting sealing plate. What are the advantages of aluminum sealing plate? The following is a brief introduction:

1.Small elastic coefficient and no spark due to collision and friction, which is the best performance in automobile technology. No metal pollution, no toxicity, no volatile metal on surface oxide layer.
2.Compared with other metal materials, it has low density and light weight. It has strong plasticity and good productivity, and has good advantages for production.
3.Hot and cold processes are adopted, which has strong corrosion resistance.

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