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Precision processing process, professional technical support. It can even provide services to more industries. We regard customers’ satisfactory responses as our motivation to move forward.

From circuit boards and microcontrollers to 3D printed electronic cases and more, RapidDirect creates working electronic prototypes and products through effective combination of custom manufacturing solutions. Our manufacturing capabilities help us fulfill many electronics applications, including:

At RapidDirect, we improve the production rate of a wide range of automotive components. Common automotive applications we undertake include.

From custom-made industrial components to standard industrial equipment parts and accessories, RapidDirect offers superior-quality manufacturing services for all your industrial needs. We are an industrial manufacturer with outstanding capabilities to provide products that meet a wide range of applications.

From solar panel components to wind turbine parts, valves, and more, RapidDirect efficiently manufactures parts for the energy industry. Our combination of custom manufacturing solutions with quality management systems helps us get your parts to market quickly and efficiently.

In the modern age, personalized and tailored consumer products are the norm. From custom designs to unique color and material options, RapidDirect’s innovative manufacturing model gives you an advanced competitive edge. Let us bring your vision to life with our custom manufacturing capabilities for various applications:

The application of robotics is prominent in several industries and continues to grow. Our advanced manufacturing processes and extensive production capabilities will help you stay relevant in the competitive market. Here are some robotics applications RapidDirect can make with you:

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Die Casting

Sheet Metal Processing

Aluminum Extrusion

Why choose AL Aluminum as your sheet metal fabrication partner

  • Reliability: We provide reliable delivery and follow a just-in-time philosophy
  • Service and expertise: Our team of engineers provide unparalleled customer support and industry expertise
  • One-stop customized solution: AL Aluminum can help you create unique answers for your most demanding applications
  • Value: We work with you to provide value-added services such as scrap handling and custom packaging
  • Innovation: We continually invest in top-of-the-line equipment to provide additional functionality