Precision Machining for Prototyping & Production

Accelerate your product development with AL Aluminum’s custom-machined prototypes and end-use products, delivered with utmost efficiency. Tailor your production needs by choosing the manufacturing volume and processes that perfectly align with your requirements. We guarantee swift turnaround times without compromising the quality of prototypes and production parts.


Leverage our robust manufacturing capabilities for swift, high-quality prototype delivery. Using the latest technology, we ensure rapid, accurate production, expediting your path from testing to market.

Low Volume Manufacturing

Our precision machining is suitable for low-volume production, offering fast delivery and unmatched accuracy. We ensure your projects meet high quality standards at reduced costs.

Why Choose Our Precision Machining Service

Bring your precision CNC machining parts to life through top-notch precision machining services. AL Aluminum boasts cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities for high precision CNC machining. All prototypes and end-use parts meet strict quality standards and tolerance requirements.

AL Aluminum wire EDM, part of our CNC services, efficiently crafts both simple and intricate shapes. Ideal for parts requiring high precision, this no-contact method produces minimal burrs and excels with metals like steel and titanium. Favored in aerospace, automotive, and electronics for their accuracy, we ensure tailored, precise solutions regardless of your needs.

Mirror EDM delivers mirror-reflective, high-precision parts. Capable of producing intricate shapes with tight tolerances, it excels on hard materials where conventional tools falter. Catering to industries from aerospace to electronics, our Mirror EDM ensures unparalleled precision, capturing intricate contours and complex geometries consistently.

AL Aluminum advanced manufacturing facility features high-precision grinding machines, perfect for manufacturing metal parts with tight tolerances. Our versatile grinding excels from small parts to complex geometries. The precision wheels provide controlled material removal, ensuring polished finishes. This efficiency reduces costs, wear, and errors. Trust our expert team to guide you to the ideal grinding solution for your project.

AL Aluminum advanced CNC turning delivers unmatched accuracy and repeatability for machine parts and prototypes. Our diverse turning centers cater to varied applications, ensuring consistent precision across batches. With reduced errors, we offer quicker production without sacrificing quality. Rely on our technicians and top-grade CNC machines for exceptional component craftsmanship.

AL Aluminum multi-axis milling machines guarantee CNC parts with tight tolerances and precise dimensions. This technology delivers precision tailored to your needs, ideal for iterations and new products. Compatible with a broad material range, from metals to composites, our CNC milling boasts efficiency, having parts ready swiftly.

Precision Machined Part Size Standards


Minimum Size (mm)

Maximum Size (mm)

Common Applications

Ultra-Precision Components



Watch components, micro devices

Micro Machined Parts



Medical devices, small electronics

Small Machined Parts



Aerospace, automotive sensors

Medium Machined Parts



Automotive, defense, industrial tools

Large Machined Parts



Heavy machinery, construction

Precision CNC Machining Tolerances

Operation Type

Typical Tolerance (mm)

Best Possible Tolerance (mm)


EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)



Tolerance can be affected by electrode wear.




Surface finish is typically smoother with grinding.

CNC Turning



Finish can impact tolerance.

CNC Milling



Precision can vary based on tool type and material.

Enterprise Factory Sharing


Most frequent questions and answers

What are your maximum dimensions for CNC machining?

AL Aluminum is proficient in facilitating the production and prototyping of large machined parts, be it metal or plastic. We boast a substantial CNC machining build envelope measuring 2000 mm x 1500 mm x 300 mm. This ensures we can accommodate even sizable parts, including those tailored for furniture or architectural applications.

Absolutely! The exact tolerance we offer is contingent upon your specific requirements. For CNC machining, our metal components adhere to the ISO 2768-m standards, while our plastic parts align with ISO 2768-c standards. It’s worth noting that the demand for higher precision will correspondingly increase the cost.

Of course! AL Aluminum has the capability to produce upwards of 10,000 diverse prototypes on a monthly basis, spanning from simple to intricate designs. Our infrastructure is bolstered by 120 state-of-the-art CNC machines, and we pride ourselves on having a team of over 100 skilled technical experts.

AL Aluminum caters to both one-off prototype and large-scale production runs. Thus, there is typically no strict MOQ. Whether you need a single part or thousands, AL Aluminum aims to provide a solution.

Lead times can vary based on the complexity of the design, the chosen material, and the current workload at AL Aluminum. However, one of the advantages of CNC machining is its speed, especially for simpler parts. Once the setup is complete, machining times can be relatively quick. Parts delivered as fast as 1 day! But for an accurate estimate, it’s best to request for quotes directly.